Weekend finds!

Weekend finds!

Weekend finds!

Some fantastic finds on this rainy day!


This morning, I ventured out to a few estate sales. Two of them were horrible and barely had anything, but I went to one that I found a ton of treasures! It was some kind of a warehouse, but it was filled with antiques, old toys, furniture and everything in between! This fantastic collection pictured above only cost $20, total!


This old quilt may look like it has lived as long as it possibly could, but I have an exciting new project in mind for it. Stay tuned for the finished product!


Sometimes, the little things are the best! I am looking forward to putting this old jar lid to use with a jar and a beautiful bouquet, or maybe pens? So many possibilities! This little owl trivet will look perfect in my newly redone kitchen!


Both of these items will go to good use decorating for the holidays!


I am loving this chair! It needs a newly reupholstered seat and a coat of paint, but I can’t wait for the finished product!


Now, I do have to admit, these old halloween masks are on the creepy side, but I think they would make a fun halloween decoration!! Let’s see if I can figure out a crafty way to display them!

Mom went estate sailing without me on Friday and was able to get the awesome retro blue table pictured above for only $2! It was an awesome find and I can’t wait to find the perfect home for it in my house! She also found this cool minnow bucket. It comes in two pieces. Once separated, one is a perfect bucket for anything, and I am going to create some kind of a hanging candle holder out of the other piece!


Check back to see some of these finds in use and/or repurposed!

Imagine all of the beautiful crazy possibilities!

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