Vintage Flower Frogs

Vintage Flower Frogs

Vintage Flower Frogs

The day before the boyfriend and I went to these estate sales, I finally had a few free moments to look at a Flea Market Decor magazine that was given to me just before Easter. It is one of my favorites and I was excited to see what was inside.


The very first page I turned, I found this cute vintage flower frog being used to display a picture!


I was thrilled when we hit our second stop and I found an old, rusty frog in the basement! It was dirty and didn’t have much of a color but I still thought it was fantastic. The day got even better when I found a second one! The second one was a little smaller and green in color. They are the perfect first 2 frogs to start my collection! Ugh-oh – Did I say collection? This is where it all starts! I have many lovey collections; vintage valentines, colorful vintage thermos’, tables and chairs just to name a few! The dream is to own a cute little shop where I will sell my finds and up-cycled items. Dreams do come true, and I work hard, so I am confident it will happen someday!


I also found this completely imperfect vintage quilt. Vintage patchwork quilts are so beautiful because each one is different and has so much character. This one was quite small, but had so much color and so many beautiful designs, I couldn’t let it go! I have had a little idea in mind for a patchwork quilt for years now, maybe I will finally be able to bring it to life!


On our first stop of the day, we headed to a church rummage sale. I found a few little treasures and a couple larger ones! Remember those 2 wooden clip boards I found a couple weeks ago? Well, I was excited to find a monster one at this sale! It is a double clip board with a handle and I have never seen anything like it! I still haven’t executed my plan for the 2 smaller ones, so I will have to create something with all 3 of them now!

I also found these 2 great frames made from barn wood. When I bought them (for a quarter each!) I wasn’t sure what I was going to use them for, but I think I have the perfect plan for them now! A friend recently told me about something that I think might be perfect! A trip to Lowes is in my future! I will be sure to post the finished product!

At this same rummage sale, I found the metal bowl (again, for just a quarter!). I couldn’t pass it up. It will either be used as storage in my craft room or possibly house a plant of some kind.


We headed to a sale in a fantastic old home.  I wanted to see the inside of the home just as badly as I wanted to go to the sale! The home had so much character and also had the perfect little barn next door. We found 9 old faucet knobs!  I can’t wait to get started on that project!


I also found a few other fun things at the sales we went to; a pack of vintage paper coasters (that I plan to use!), vintage fabric measuring tape, metal numbers and the little gadget in the upper right corner that I will do something creative with!


Imagine all of the crazy, beautiful possibilities!


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