Treasure Hunting on a Cool Spring Day

Treasure Hunting on a Cool Spring Day

Treasure Hunting on a Cool Spring Day

The boyfriend and I headed out to an estate sale a couple of weekends ago ~ his second estate sale adventure with me! I needed to get out of the house and I know Mom would have wanted me to go.

It had been 5 days since Mom had passed away. Estate sales were a love that Mom and I shared. We loved a good bargain and one of our favorite parts was that we never knew what we would find. Some of my favorite memories with Mom are on days that started with an estate sale.

I think Mom was on our side on this cool Saturday morning because we found some fun things and spent less that $10!

At our first stop of the day, we picked up this cute paper girl with a globe. I saw her in the advertisement pictures for the sale but never thought she would be there on the second day of the sale. ~The second day is bargain day. Usually, everything is 50% off!


Gypsy liked her too!

She will look perfect in my office with all of my other travel related decor!


We also found a couple of old water faucet knobs. They will be used for a project this summer! I will be sure to share!


The last things we found at this stop were two older wooden clip boards. I was actually searching for a few of these because I have a project in mine. Check back soon to see what I do with them!


Mom was absolutely looking over us at our second estate sale. I found BARN WOOD! Mom and I had quite the stash but over the last year or so, it has been dwindling. I was so pleased to find three awesome pieces stashed away in the corner of the garage, and I only had to pay $2 total for all three!


Our third and final stop of the day was not planned. I saw the sign when we were at lunch and we decided to head over. I picked up some white string, a table cloth, and the most perfect valentine I have ever come across. We were getting in line to pay for the string and tablecloth and I spotted some books and other paper items and there it was, sitting by itself in plain view.


I have always loved old valentines. Each one is different and they all have so much character. I have a small collection that I plan to turn into a garland to decorate with around Valentine’s Day. This one is special though. It is in near perfect condition and has a camping theme. Camping has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Mom and I would head down to camp may weekends during the summer. There is just something about fresh air and campfires that seem to make everything better, at least for a little while.

Imagine all of the beautiful crazy possibilities.

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