The Most Perfect Little Farm Table

The Most Perfect Little Farm Table

The Most Perfect Little Farm Table

On a Saturday morning I ventured off to a sale in Lewiston. My plan was to make it a quick morning – one stop in Lewiston then a stop at a church yard sale on my way home. I headed to my first stop, not knowing exactly where the sale was, but I followed the signs as I drove along. I wasn’t particularly fond of the company that was doing the sale, so I went into it less than pleased, with a mindset that I would be walking out empty handed. I walked in to find a very nice home filled with newer items (if you know anything about me, you know this is not my style). I decided my best bet would be to head to the garage and basement. As I walked into the garage, my eyes immediately fixed on an antique copper boiler pot. It was a little mangled, and the lid was missing, but in my eyes, it was perfect. The price was a little higher than I would normally spend but I grabbed it anyway so that I could think on it for a bit. I asked about the price, and was told there was no wiggle room because today was the first day of the sale. I decided to take it home anyway. I don’t have one, copper is very much in style right now and I would much rather decorate with a vintage copper piece than a new one!


I got into my car and if I were to follow my plan, I would be heading to the yard sale at the church a few miles away. But then again, I absolutely take after my Mom in the fact that I am a gypsy and I go wherever feels right, especially when out an about on a beautiful sunny day. On a whim, I decided to check the website of one of my favorite estate sale companies. The owner did the sale when we sold my Grandma’s house and over the years, we have become friends. She doesn’t do many sales anymore, only a few a summer but I just had a feeling. I checked her website and my intuition was right on! She had a sale this weekend and even better, it was very close by in Youngstown!

I walked in to the sale and immediately knew that it was much more my style than the last. I wandered around a little upstairs – nothing particular caught my eye so I headed down to the basement. As soon as I walked down the stairs my eyes locked on an old farm table. It had beautiful detailed legs and a raw wood tabletop. I walked over to it, did a quick inspection and as soon as I saw the price tag, I knew it would have to come home with me. So now, here I am, standing next to the table with the price tag in my hand, claiming it as my own, frantically making phone calls to find someone with a truck willing to help. The only downside of having a table obsession/problem/collection, is that I don’t have my own truck… yet!


Success! I was able to get a hold of my dad and he could come back with me later that day to pick it up! I quickly went over to the worker in charge in the basement and asked her to put a “SOLD” sign on the table for me.  I couldn’t be more excited!

Now that I was all set with the table, I could spend more time looking around downstairs. I found a few more treasures. There was a beautiful old dresser that someone had painted that caught my eye. It was only $18 and I wanted it so badly, but I passed it by, knowing I didn’t have much room left in the garage after my last barn sale and the table I just purchased! I continued searching in the basement and I discovered a shelf dedicated to flower pots and other gardening items. I was excited to find more flower frogs! Did I need them? – No. Did I want them? – Of course I did! Two of them were a little different than the ones I had – each with their own unique shape.  In that same section, I found an oval shaped copper container. It had perfect patina and I am looking forward to planning an herb in it! I want to be sure I am able to show it off all throughout the year!


A closer look!

IMG_8567    IMG_8569

I found a few other treasures at this sale too. I found 5 glass knobs with all of their hardware. I don’t have a specific project in mind for these, but they often are the perfect addition to an up-cycled piece. I also found a large amount of this beautiful blue fabric. It was in perfect condition and had a faint chevron pattern. I also found yet another wooden clipboard – this one was a mini one (this project is still to come! Maybe finally this weekend)!



Here is a closer look at the chevron pattern on the fabric!


This particular sale had a large amount of fabric remnants – all kept organized and in perfect condition. As I was searching through them, a smaller piece caught my eye. It said “London Mills AA Drills” in large blue letters and had an image at the top. It mostly caught my eye because I saw the word “London” and have visited London twice and love it there. You can check out some of my London adventures here and here and here! I decided it needed to come home with me. I see a pillow cover in its future!


The table looked even better in my front yard!


I would love to see and hear about some of your fun finds! Share them in the comments below or follow me on Instagram at @jennimagine and tag me in your finds!

Happy hunting!

Imagine all of the crazy, beautiful possibilities!

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