Treasure Hunting and Planting on this Spring Day!

Like most Saturdays, I was up early, grabbed an iced coffee and headed to out see what kinds of treasures I could find at sales! On my way to pick up Mom, I stopped at a couple sales near my house. I found one of my favorite finds of the day; the awesome wooden letters pictured below! They are old and used and I love them. The woman I purchased them from said that she used to use them as stencils. Although I do love that idea, I plan to make 3 signs with them! Not sure exactly what they will look like yet but I will share when I finish them!

I picked Mom up and we headed out to 2 Estate sales. The first one we found the big pots! Pots are expensive and I needed something to plant my tomato plants in so these were perfect! I paid just $5 for both and the purple flower came with the second one! At this same sale, we also found the cute little washboard. I am thinking it will find a home on the potting bench I plan on building this summer! At our last Estate sale of the day, we picked up the galvanized bucket. Mom has a special project in mind for that one!


After coming home, I decided I better get to work getting my tomato plants in their new home! I am doing cherry tomatoes in the pot I picked up today and a patio tomato in the yellow pot pictured below. Do you remember when I picked up that old ugly beige pot for 50 cents a few weeks ago? You can read about that day of treasure hunting here. I brought it home, gave it a good wash and spray painted it the fun yellow color! It’s not so ugly anymore and the whole project cost me less than a $1!


While I was planting my tomatoes, I also planted some parsley that I picked up. I used a galvanized planter from my garage that I picked up at a sale last year. It was perfect for this project! Also pictured below are the chives that my mom transplanted for me from her back yard and my beautiful new purple flower!

I am so excited about all my new plant life! My garden will be next!