St. Paul’s Cathedral, The Museum of London and Brick Lane!

St. Paul’s Cathedral, The Museum of London and Brick Lane!

St. Paul’s Cathedral, The Museum of London and Brick Lane!

Day 13 – June 8, 2014



Today was fantastic! It started with sleeping in a little =) We started our day with mass at St. Paul’s Cathedral. So many most important events in London have taken place here. This is where Princess Diana got married,  and where the Queen came for her Jubilee in 2012 (When we were here last time!).


It was beautiful inside! Even bigger than Westminster Cathedral that we visited yesterday. Unfortunately, there was no photography allowed inside. The sound was incredible and the organ and choir sounded lovely. It was hard to believe that we were sitting through mass in a church that was filled with so much history.

After church, we grabbed a coffee and headed towards the Museum of London!


We found it on the map and it was within walking distance, so we headed in the right direction. Once we found it, we headed in and we started the self guided tour. The museum is one of the many free things there is to do in London, which made it even better! I learned a lot about London’s history while there, and it has absolutely inspired me to learn more when I get home! Below are a few things that caught my attention along the way!


Above, is a doorway from St. Ethelburga the Virgin Bishopsgate from the late 1400s. It caught my attention because even after so many years, the workmanship was still beautiful. The church porch was an important area for community functions such as religious plays and marriages. It was hard to believe that something like this could be standing after so many years.


Pictured above is an area of a mosaic floor in the 2nd century. The workmanship was beautiful. There was art everywhere; even in the flooring of a home. Craftsman took so much pride in their work and each home was it’s own piece of art.


Above is a Sunday Times magazine from 1967. When the Sunday Times began publishing colored copies in 1962, it helped spread the metropolitan fashions and lifestyles. This area of the museum was my favorite. Even today, I love the fashion in London. I hope to take some inspiration home with me! I will try to capture some of my favorite styles over the next couple of days!


The city of London is filled with so many different types of people. It wasn’t always this way, but it has continued to become a city full of different cultures and nationalities.


As we were walking on the outside walkway back to the Tube, we saw piece of the London Wall. This was a wall that was initially build by the Romans as a defense. It was build in the late 2nd or early 3rd century. It is hard to believe that areas of it still stand today.

After the museum, we headed back to the Tube. Our next stop is Brick Lane! We got off at Aldgate East and ventured out to find it!


We found the road named Brick Lane and began walking down. It was very different from the Market we went to yesterday. The area was a lot different as well. It seemed as though we were in a poorer neighborhood, but there were all types of people attending the Market.


We walked outside for a while and we weren’t impressed. The garbage cans were piling over with garbage, the things that people were selling were a lot of vintage clothing and other used items. I knew that there would be a flee market are, but nothing seemed to be in good condition. It was not like any flee market I had ever been to before. I honestly can’t think of anything positive to say about this area.

After we wandered the streets for a while, we stumbled upon another area; the Backyard Mark[E1]t.



This are was more like what we saw yesterday and we enjoyed it a lot more! There were many local artists and an array of places get something to eat. I had fried rice and an orange pop. It was getting towards the end of the market so I got my whole lunch for only 3.50 pounds! It was tasty too!

Once we were finished at Brick Lane, we headed off towards our hotel. On the way, I came across an advertisement for a coffee shop on a bike!


I have seem this multiple times in London. It seems to be very common! My thought is that it is easy to move it wherever you need your advertisement to be! It may work well for them, but I just think it is a cute idea =)

Below is a picture of our Hotel from the outside. We are on a street where every building looks exactly the same!


After a quick nap, we headed out to dinner! We found a pub named Blackbird Pub.


IMG_3676    IMG_3677

This Pub was known for their pot pies. I had one with chicken and bacon with a white cream sauce and it was fantastic! I know I have said this a couple times, but today was the best meal thus far. The beer I had was called “Honey Dew” and it was good too! It was a great end to a long day!


We made our nightly stop to the Co-Op and I got my chocolate danish!

Tomorrow, our adventure continues with Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace!

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