Pinterest – Making a pledge to bring my Pins to life!

Pinterest – Making a pledge to bring my Pins to life!

Pinterest – Making a pledge to bring my Pins to life!

I first discovered Pinterest a few years ago  when my Mom told me about it. At first, I was not impressed – why would someone just want to view random pictures of food and crafts. And, if it was something my Mom was telling me about, it couldn’t be cool…lol. Then I started using it, started understanding it, it’s database grew and I became obsessed. Currently, I have 6,214 pins. I pin and pin and sometimes make the recipes and do the crafts, but more often than not, they just sit there, waiting on boards to be brought to life.

Today, I am making a pledge to start bringing all of those pins to life. I can commit to one per week, but depending on the week, you might see more!


I will happily share them with you ~ the Pinterest Wins, and the Pinterest Fails!

I am starting off this pledge with these cute little crocheted bunnies. They seem simple enough and although it is still snowing outside, I am so ready to decorate for spring. I am ready for the sunshine and the flowers to start blooming!


You can find the pattern here! Simple and Quick Bunny Crochet Pattern

While I was adding the bunny tails, Gypsy thought it would be fun to knock them off of the bunnies and play with their tails. He was so cute, I couldn’t be mad.


I will categorize this project as a Pinterest Win! I think they came out super cute and were so simple!


Please visit Sparkles of Sunshine Blog for more fun things!

Imagine all of the beautiful crazy possibilities!

One thought on “Pinterest – Making a pledge to bring my Pins to life!

  1. Christie

    Yay! I’m so glad you enjoyed using my free crochet bunny pattern. Your bunnies look lovely, and that picture of your cat eyeing them is just too cute!! 🙂 I’m so glad you brought my pin to life. Enjoy your weekend!

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