Pinterest Challenge ~ #2 ~ Spring Wreath!

Pinterest Challenge ~  #2 ~ Spring Wreath!

Pinterest Challenge ~ #2 ~ Spring Wreath!

Spring is on it’s way. The days are starting to get warmer, brighter longer and I wake up to the birds chirping rather than snow plows heading down the road. I managed to get my Valentine’s day decorations down (and those last few Christmas decorations!) and started getting the house ready for Spring! After getting my few Spring decorations up, I realized I didn’t have a wreath last year for my front door.

I knew that I had recently pinned some Spring wreaths so I headed to Pinterest for some inspiration! My favorite one that I pinned is pictured below. I loved the tulips and the wispy feel of it – it would look perfect on the front door!


I headed to Hobby Lobby and lucky for me, the floral department was 50% off this week! The not so lucky part was that I couldn’t find any tulips! I realized I had to take my wreath in a different direction and headed for the area with the purple flowers. I wanted to keep the wispy feel to the wreath so I picked out a nice little collection of purples and a little white to mix it up. I grabbed a wire wreath frame to use for the base and headed home!


When I sat down to start working on it, I wasn’t sure if I was going to have enough flowers. Even though they were 50% off, they were still $2 for each bundle and I didn’t want it to get too expensive! I ended up wrapping one of the areas with twine. It gives the wreath a little more dimension and was the perfect filler in case I didn’t buy enough flowers.


I attached the flowers using green wire and twine. The green wire is easy to hide and I didn’t mind so much if the twine showed a little – it just gave it a little more character in some spots!


I am completely in love with how it came out! It is just the pop of Spring that my front door needed! Although it doesn’t look exactly like my pin from Pinterest, I would still call this one a Pinterest win! Sometimes projects don’t turn out exactly how you intended but that is all part of the creative process! Sometimes they even turn out better!

Imagine all of the beautiful crazy possibilities!


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