Pinterest Challenge #4 ~ Spring Moss Frame

Pinterest Challenge #4 ~ Spring Moss Frame

Pinterest Challenge #4 ~ Spring Moss Frame

I have had this project finished for a few weeks now, but haven’t had a free moment to get it posted! It moves from “to-do” list to “to-do” list so I decided that today is the day! It is a beautiful sunny morning, the boyfriend is still sleeping and the furry kids are actually behaving themselves while we all enjoy the patio.

I have been noticing a lot of projects and decor using moss lately and I love the look. It simply makes me think of Spring and brings a fresh look to any room. I found this cute post on Pinterest recently and it inspired me to create something of my own. Go here to see the original post of the frame below.


This project was messy, but super simple! I found a bag of greek moss at my Hobby Lobby. Mom and I had picked up a couple of unfinished mirrors with a thick wooden frame at some point while at a sale and I thought it would be perfect for this project. The only other things I needed were a hot glue gun and a table cloth to keep the moss mess to a minimum. I often craft in my living room on the floor. I have found that an outdoor table cloth is the perfect space to work on. It keeps my floors clean and for projects like this one, I can literally take it outside and shake it out when I am finished!


I pulled the moss out of the bag in small clumps and started working my way in from one of the corners of the frame. It was kind of like putting a puzzle together, but it was a fun process!


I finished it up, shook it to get any extra moss off and found the perfect spot in my living room! Please don’t mind the random wires hanging out of the wall. There will soon be a speaker there! This is also a great picture of the awesome shelves that I have up in my living room. They are made of old crates and once held dynamite! They are a fun alternative to shelves and were so easy to put up! Thank you to a couple of our awesome friends at camp for donating them to me!


The day that I created this, I did so in Mom’s living room while I was spending time with her. Mom and I loved to craft together. Although she wasn’t able to help with this one, she enjoyed watching my progress as I went along.

This was the last day that I crafted with Mom. She passed away about a week and a half later. I will always have Mom close to my heart anytime I get out the crafting supplies, which happens to be extremely often. I know she will be watching over me with every project. Love you Mom.

Imagine all of the crazy, beautiful possibilities.

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