Our First Evening in Rome

Our First Evening in Rome

Our First Evening in Rome

June 28 – 29, 2016

Day 1

We headed to the airport early evening on June 28th and got there with plenty of time. Our flight ended up getting cancelled and rescheduled for two hours later but we had a great flight! I even slept for about 6 hours!


                         On our way to the airport!

On the plane!

                       On the plane!

We arrived in Rome, Italy around 3:30pm on June 29th. There is a six hour time difference so it would have been about 9:30am at home. We got off the plane and went straight through customs, no questions asked! When we got here, a family friend picked us up from the airport. For the first time, we were looking for a sign with our last name and we rode in style in a Mercedes Benz van! It was a fun experience!

He even took some of our luggage for us!

He even took some of our luggage for us!

On our way from the airport, he helped us find a place to stay. We found and paid for an apartment that was right in the heart of the city and very reasonable priced! The only problem was, we booked it with so little advance that no one was there to bring us our key when we got there. We didn’t have any phones that we could use internationally so our family friend called to verify our reservation. The only issue was, they weren’t picking up their phone! He called multiple times and they weren’t answering! Finally, after trying for over 30 minutes, he got a hold of them and they let us know that they would be here with the key within the hour. We felt much better after having talked with someone!



We waited around outside the door for the next hour or so. While we were waiting, we went for a short walk to find some gelato! It was fantastic! I got a mix of chocolate and pistachio.



After about an hour, a woman met us at the front door with the keys and quite a bit of sass! After getting in, paying and learning about the quirks of the apartment, we got settled in and headed out into the city! We didn’t visit anything specific today but found some beautiful spots! (Pictures of inside the apartment to come at a later date. The ceiling is super fantastic!)



It is customary to eat dinner 8pm and after here, so we waited until later to eat. We ended up deciding on a spot literally right outside the door to our apartment – La Tavernetta 48. The food was fantastic! We started with a cheese plate and a caprese salad. The mozzarella was the best and freshest we have ever had!  We also decided on the house white wine. I had heard that the house wine was cheapest and usually very good – and it was!



I had gnocchi with basil and fresh mozzarella for dinner. It was also fantastic! Everything was so fresh!



Italian words of the day

 Grazie – Thank you

No grazie – No thank you

Ciao/Arrivederci – Goodbye

Prego – You’re welcome

Puo portarci il conto, per favore – May we have the check please?

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Our adventure will continue tomorrow in Rome!



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