Organize with old glass jars!

Organize with old glass jars!

Organize with old glass jars!



When most people find an old jar with a rusted lid, they think it is garbage, or needs to be thrown into the recycling bin. When I see an old glass jar with a rusted lid, I think… “How can I bring this back to life!?” I bought a box of old Ball jars at an estate sale and this treasure of a jar was hidden in the bottom of the box!


These were the materials that I used for this project; chalk board stickers, sand paper, and blue spray paint. I tried the white primer that is pictured, but it didn’t cover the words on the metal lid, so I switched to a brown primer. I also ended up putting a clear coat over the lid when I was finished to make it last longer! I had the chalk board stickers from a previous project and had all of the other supplies in our craft room. This project cost next to nothing to do and it was so darn cute when it was finished!


After you give your jar and lid a quick wash with some dish soap and water, take your sand paper and sand your metal lid to rough it up a little. This will allow the paint to stick better.

IMG_2391   IMG_2367   IMG_2379

The next step is to prime your lid. Like I mentioned earlier, I tried a white primer first but it didn’t cover well so I switched to the brown primer. I suggest doing this step outside on a day with little to no wind. I generally will grab a brick or a stone, lay newspaper over top and then layer another brick on top. This will raise it up a little and allow you to paint all of the sides evenly.  Allow the primer to dry completely. Next, paint over the primer with your color choice. I chose this beautiful light blue!



After the light blue dried, I put a clear coat on the top to protect it. Exactly what I used is pictured below.


Once your lid is dry, place you chalk board sticker on your jar, fill your jar with whatever you like and label it! I chose to keep my tea bags in my jar! It would also be great for coffee, sugar, flour and any fun little collections like beach glass or marbles!


I can’t wait to see what other fun uses I can find for these chalk board stickers!

Happy crafting!

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  1. Sandra from It's Tidy Time

    Love it! Love the colors, love tea, love DIY. 🙂 So great to meet you this week! Following your blog now 🙂 (Great crochet boot slips!!)

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