My Picker Dreams Came True!

My Picker Dreams Came True!

My Picker Dreams Came True!

Last weekend I had the perfect day for treasure hunting. It started with rummage sales with my Aunt and ended with picking a barn! My picker dreams came true!

I love rummage sales. They are a great way to donate to a good cause and there are always some awesome, inexpensive finds! I picked up a pot at the first rummage sale and used it as soon as I got home! I had some lettuce peaking up in my garden from last year and knew I needed to transfer it into something out of my garden – otherwise it would have all been lost when I plowed the garden for this year’s crop! My new pot was perfect for this! I also picked up the 3 pretty little glass watering bulbs. My Mom always had one and I loved it so I was happy to find them!



Below are a few of the smaller treasures I found. I almost missed out on the green bowls but managed to get them after someone set them down! I was thrilled! I love my colored Pyrex bowls and these colors were perfect to add to my collection! There is that word collection again – I guess I also have quite the bowl collection. I also love vintage drinking glasses with pattern and color. I found the 2 pictured below at an estate sale and fell in love with them!


A closer look at my new bowls and glasses!


Our last rummage sale stop I found these larger treasures! I was so excited to find this vintage frame for just $1! I scooped it up as soon as we entered! I am not quite sure what I am going to do with the green stand, but I am thinking it will be a great plant stand or even be the perfect thing to hold a tray when we are having a backyard  campfire.


I put the red metal can to use later that day. The boyfriend and I cleaned out the garage and it was perfect to hold some of our tools! Do you see that blue metal dust pan in the back? That was one of my past estate sale finds and is still one of my favorites!


The day was very successful and I had no idea it was going to get better. The boyfriend and I headed out that afternoon to get some groceries and on our way home, we drove past a house with a barn. They were having a sale and the barn was open too. One look and the boyfriend quickly turned the car around and we headed back! He didn’t have any idea what he was getting himself into!


I spotted some old wooden doors and that is where it all began. Before I knew it, I was climbing up a ladder into the loft area of the barn and digging around. I found a cool green drawer and a huge old window pane. Three of the glass panes were missing but ones was intact. It took a lot of worked because it was wedged up there good, but I was determined to get it down!

When all was said and done, I had quite the pile – and better yet, I only spent $15! My picker dreams really did come true! There was nothing better than climbing up into the loft and picking for treasures!


There was no way we were going to get this home in our car so I had to leave it to be picked up the next day. Thankfully my Aunt and Uncle were there to help with a truck and a trailer!

Here is a closer look at my finds.

IMG_8481     IMG_8482



I can’t wait to get started bringing these back to life!

Imagine all of the crazy, beautiful possibilities!

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