Loved Camden Market!

Loved Camden Market!

Loved Camden Market!

Day 12 – June 7, 2014

This morning, we woke up and headed out for the Westminster Cathedral. It was warm out this morning but it was raining; just enough to make it miserable. We left the hotel with minutes to spare and a small idea of which train we needed to be on. We managed to get on all of the correct ones and made it to the Cathedral by 10:28 for the 10:30 mass. Today was a choral mass and 23 boys from the church also made their communion. The singing was lovely! The inside of the church was beautiful as well. Tomorrow, we are going to try to find one with more organ music for Brad to enjoy. We will either come back here or try to find St. Paul’s Cathedral!



After church, we stopped for a coffee and headed back to the Tube, specifically the London Victoria Station.  They sky had cleared up and looked as though the sun might try to come out!


We were heading to the Camden Market! One thing we didn’t have an opportunity to do last time we were in London was go to a Market, so it was a must for this trip! And I loved it!


There were shops inside and out. Along the streets, there were vendors selling all kinds of souvenirs. Inside the market, there were more souvenirs and also an array of artists selling things. Inside seemed as though it went on forever! Every turn you made was a new area that you didn’t realized existed.


After walking around and shopping for a bit, we stopped for a quick lunch. I had a mushroom and cheese crepe and a Coke! The sun started to come out at this point and it actually started to get hot!


We shopped a little more after lunch. I am most excited about an oil painting that I bought from a local artist. I can’t wait to find the perfect spot for it in my new house!

We walked around the area and noticed that there were a few long boats. There was a Lock system in place and it was fun to see them come in and rise up! Made me feel like I was home with the Lockport Locks!

IMG_3610   IMG_3611

As we wandered out of the Market, we came across a donut stand! They had any and every kind you could think of! We didn’t get one today, however we plan to stop back to the Market one more time before we leave and we will make sure we get one then =)


On our walk back to the train station, we stopped for a little show on the street. This gentleman was riding a unicycle while juggling 2 knives and an apple. To top it off, he was taking a bite of the apple each time it came around!


After the show, we headed back to Camden Station and back to the hotel for a little while to drop things off and regroup!


We headed out for dinner around 7:30. We walked down the same way we did for dinner last night, but we went a little further this time. We found a pub named O’Neill’s and headed inside!


We sat down and once we figured out what we wanted, we headed up to the bar to order. – This seems like a very common thing in the UK. At 3 or 4 places we have eaten, you find a seat, and check to see what table number you are sitting at. Once you know what you want, you head up to the bar to order, let them know your table number, and they bring your order to your table. The whole systems works very well!

I ordered BBQ chicken with bacon and melted cheese with chips (french fires), grilled tomato, mushroom and peas. The meal was very good!


After dinner, we headed back to the Co-Operative for dessert! I think this may become a nightly thing! Brad shared his strawberries (which were the best I have had in a long time) and I got another chocolate danish! A different one this time, but again it was fantastic!

I spent the evening eating my danish and blogging!


Tomorrow,  the plan is to head to St. Paul’s Cathedral, the London Museum and Brick Lane!

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