Let our journey in Kensington, London begin!

Let our journey in Kensington, London begin!

Let our journey in Kensington, London begin!

Day 11 – June 6, 2014

This morning, we began our journey from Brighton to London. We had to be up and out of the hotel in Brighton this morning by 9:00am so that we wouldn’t have to pay for parking! We jumped in the car and headed for the London-Heathrow Airport where we would drop off our car. It was about an hour and a half hour drive through the city of Brighton then through the country roads of England.

After dropping off our car, we headed to the Tube! We would be traveling by Tube for the next 5 days, we we got an Oyster card! It will make it easier to get from place to place and is cheaper for each ticket as well. It is nice because we can load money on to the card and whatever we don’t use, will be reimbursed!


We asked a gentleman at the ticket booth and he said that we should take the next train and get off at the South Kensington stop. So that was what we did! Thirteen stops, and a conversation with an older man from Ireland later, we made it to our stop!


We found a Starbucks to use the Wi-Fi to figure our where we needed to go. It showed as an 18 minute walk, so we decided walking it would be better than paying for a taxi!


This doesn’t seem that far, but with heavy luggage and no nourishment for the morning, it wasn’t easy! The sun was beating down on us and the walk got harder and harder as we traveled on. After about 20 minutes, we made it! We made our way up the stairs to reception, only to find out that our room would not be ready for another 2 hours. We left our luggage and headed for the nearest coffee shop with Wi-fi. We walked down the street for about a minute and when we turned the corner, our mouths dropped. There was another Tube station. This stop was the one right before ours, Earl’s Court. We could have walked 1 minute, but instead we walked 20! We found another Starbucks and had a snack and a coffee while we waited for our room.

We walked back to the hotel when it was time and headed up to our room. It is tiny! Not the smallest room we stayed in during this trip, but so small when compared to the huge one we had yesterday! And as for a view? Well, we have one if you call the side of the building, a tree and the train tracks a view! Yes, train tracks. Every 3-5 minutes, we hear the train go by and the room shakes a little! It really sounds as though the train will be coming through our window! Hopefully they stop at night! In the picture below, if you look to the bottom, you can just barely see one of the trains!


So our room is small and expensive, we don’t have a view and the train rattles our room every 3-5 minutes, but we are in LONDON, ENGLAND! I am excited to begin this part of our adventure!

After a little bit of relaxing and work in the hotel room, we headed off to find a place for dinner! We found a lovely Italian restaurant down the street called The Bottlery. The menu looked good outside so we decided to try it. As soon as we walked in, we immediately felt underdressed. I am glad we decided to stay though because the food was very good! I had a pasta dish with sausage, yellow, red and green peppers, a red sauce and arugula. It was spicy, but very tasty!



After dinner, we headed tow to the Co-Operative food store for dessert! We are on a strict budget during our last few days and the bakery was a lot less expensive than the restaurant. I got a chocolate danish (which is very good by the way!)


Brad got a souvenir. He decided on a sun hat. It goes perfect with his stuffed crow from Stonehenge! =)


Today wasn’t too eventful because it was a travel day, but we are looking forward to going to Westminster and possibly Camden Market tomorrow!

The adventure will continue!

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