It was a Blair Castle kind of day!

It was a Blair Castle kind of day!

It was a Blair Castle kind of day!

May 31, 2014 – Day 5

Last night, I had the first good nights sleep of the trip! This morning, after getting ready, we went downstairs to a full Scottish breakfast that was prepared by the owner of the Guest House. It was complete with porridge (oatmeal), an egg, black pudding/blood sausage (which I didn’t eat!), a Scottish potato scone, baked beans, back bacon, sausage and brown toast! All of it was very good and I am having the same tomorrow, minus the black pudding of course!

We started our day by heading back down the hill to the train station. It was a beautiful morning!

IMG_3208     IMG_3209

We took the train to the next stop over, Blair Atholl. We walked from the train stop to Blair Castle and Gardens.



Blair Castle dates back to 1269. It has gone through many transformations and additions since then, but the original areas are still present and intact. There are members of the family that still live in an area of it today! When we walked through the gates pictured above, we walked through and area that was covered by tall trees. As we were walking up, we came across the Blair Castle campground! Check out this cute little driver camper below!



As we walked further up the drive, we came across the Castle! It was beautiful!


It was more modern than I had expected, but when we went inside and toured 30 of the rooms, it was like we stepped back in time! Unfortunately, we were not permitted to take any photos inside.

Once we finished touring the Castle, we toured some of the garden area. The woods were beautiful and peaceful.


While we were walking in the woods, we came across an old cemetery. The building was intact, but with no ceiling.

IMG_3226  IMG_3225

There was one person, John Graham, that was buried inside the building, but the rest of the tombstones were outside. Lots of history here! The tombstones dated back so far!


After we finished in the wooded area, we had a little more time before our train so we headed back into town to explore. We discovered a bakery and coffee shop called the Blair Atholl Watermill. We stopped for a cup of cappuccino and Brad had a piece of homemade carrot cake (which was very good)!

IMG_3233   IMG_3235


They had the above pictured area inside to sit which was great, and also had a back garden where you can enjoy your coffee or tea! It was too cold out today, but I would have loved to sit out there on a sunny day!


We made our way back to Pitlochry and headed to Pasha, the restaurant we ate at 2 years ago when we were here. I ordered the same thing! Chicken Unpronounceable! It obviously isn’t called that, but when I tried to order it 2 years ago, and couldn’t pronounce it, the waiter began to call it that, so we have called it that ever since! I also had a fantastic greek salad!

IMG_3244  IMG_3245

After dinner, all of the shops were closed and it was too early to head back so we wandered the town a little. We headed up the hill to one of the churches we visited last time. The view is gorgeous from up there!


We made one last stop at the local grocery store and grabbed a few snacks and some face masks. We are ending our day with a spa night!

Tomorrow is a new adventure! We plan to hit the local shops and you never know where else we may end up!

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