Inexpensive Fall Decorating

Inexpensive Fall Decorating

Inexpensive Fall Decorating

Are you looking for a quick and inexpensive way to add a little fun to your Fall decor? I have 2 ideas that are perfect for you! Part of the reason I love Fall so much is the colors; oranges, reds and beautiful yellows. I wanted to bring a little color into my dining room and my living room. The leaves are just starting to change color where I live, so I couldn’t use them to decorate, but over the last week or so, pumpkins have been popping up everywhere! I was able to visit one of the local farms and pick up some little pumpkins and gourds! I spent $6 total on pumpkins and was able to decorate 2 areas!

I started in the dining room! I had a tall glass vase that my mom picked up at a sale somewhere for me and filled it to the top with various colored pumpkins and gourds. Such a cute and inexpensive way to add a little color to your tablescape.


After the dining room, I headed into the living room. I picked up this old galvanized drawer at an estate sale about a year ago. I cleaned it up and added a chalkboard sticker. I keep it in my living room and fill it with different things to change up the decor. Check out the upcycle here.

For Fall, I decided to fill it with some colorful pumpkins and gourds! I filled the bottom with some cardboard and covered it with tissue paper. I then just arranged the pumpkins on top! It adds the perfect pop of color to the living room!


Happy crafting! & Happy Fall!

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