Industrial style galvanized tin drawer up-cycle

Industrial style galvanized tin drawer up-cycle

Industrial style galvanized tin drawer up-cycle


I picked up this old galvanized tin drawer at an estate sale. Please see an earlier post “Weekend Finds” to see what other awesome finds we had that day! Lately, I have seen this type of Industrial decor everywhere! I love the style, but wanted something that was truly vintage and not just made to look that way. I was thrilled when I found this drawer! It is not perfect; it is bent slightly in the back and is not sparkling clean like it was when it was new, but I think this just adds to it’s charm!



The only materials I used for this project are pictured below. Of course, the fantastic drawer I found; and chalk board stickers I found at Target in the dollar section! I was so excited to find that I got 8 stickers for $1! They are a good quality too!


The first thing I did was give the drawer a good clean. It had been sitting in a garage for who knows how long, and needed a scrub! It ended up being a beautiful day out today, so I used the hose and some dish soap. Once I got it cleaned up, I let it air dry for about an hour.

Next, I measured and stuck the chalk board sticker in the center, right above the drawer pull.


For the last step, I decided what I wanted to keep in my cute new storage drawer! I decided on fabric. I am so happy with the way this project came out and to top it off, it only cost me about $1 too make! Next time you see that new decor item in your local store that is made to look old, before you grab it (because it is always awesome) think about making one yourself! This is just as good as any item found in a store but it was cheaper and has way more charm!


Happy crafting!

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