Handel’s house and another trip to the Market!

Handel’s house and another trip to the Market!

Handel’s house and another trip to the Market!

Day 15 – June 10 2014

Today began as a bittersweet day. It was our last full day in London and in the UK. We started our morning at a coffee shop that we have walked right past for the previous 4 mornings; Greggs. We are not sure why we bypassed it, but we managed to walk right by on our way to the Tube each day. Today, I got a cappuccino and a danish for less that I had been paying for a cappuccino alone! We are glad we found it, even if it was on our second to last morning.



This morning, we headed out to see Handel’s house. When we got off the Tube, we found ourselves in the middle of the expensive shopping area. We window shopped while we wandered down the street looking for the house. We walked right past the street and didn’t realize, so we got to do a little extra window shopping while we retraced our steps back! It was a beautiful day and I loved the street view!


We headed down a small stone road and Handel’s house was there, in the middle of all of the cafes and stores. They have turned his home into a museum and much of it sits as it would have in the 1700s.


Handel lived in this home for 36 years and composed much of his work here. We were able to  walk through his dressing room, bedroom, music room and the room where he did much of his composing. It was incredible to think how much history was in this home that dated back to the 1700s. Handel lived here until he died here in 1759.

While were were walking through the museum, we entered through a door that was put in only for purposes of the museum. It led to the house next door, which was the home of Jimi Hendrix. Jimi lived in this home in the 1960s. Below, you can see the homes side by side. Jimi lived on the left and Handel lived on the right, only a few hundred years apart.


This small corner in London holds so much history for music!

After visiting Handel’s house, we headed back to the Camden Market to do a little last minute shopping! While we were there, we grabbed a cheap lunch! I got a mediterranean mixture that was better and healthier than all of the other options! It was delicious and the perfect lunch for this hot day! It was also my first hummus of the trip!


We headed to Camden Market in hopes of having a donut from the cart today but we looked all over and couldn’t find it anywhere! It was very disappointing!

After Camden Market, we headed back to the hotel to drop off our Market finds. On the way, while I was waiting for Brad to take pictures of a church, I came across this grassy area filled with people having lunch! It was so nice to see people out of the office and enjoying the beautiful weather!


While at the hotel, we decided to take an inventory of all of the snacks Brad has accumulated while we were in London. It looks like we will be snacking well tonight!


After a little cleaning up and packing, we headed out for dinner. We decided to take the Tube to Westminster area for dinner rather than trying to find another pub in the Earl’s Court area. It was nice to see Big Ben and the surrounding area one last time before we leave! We came across the building pictured below while we were walking. We were not sure who lived there, but it must be someone important! It had high security! After some research, we discovered that the British Prime Minister lives there!


We went to a pub called The Old Shades for dinner. It was a fancy one!


Brad and I both had Royal Windsor pork belly for dinner and it was yummy!


The below quote was on the back of their wine menu. I love it.


We headed back to the Tube and on our way, I finally got my picture with a phone booth! 🙂


We made our last stop to the Co-Op and got dessert for the last time on this adventure.


Tomorrow, our adventure ends as we travel home. We will be heading out in the morning and taking the Tube to the Heathrow airport. From there, we will fly to Iceland for a quick stopover until our journey ends in Toronto.





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