Gardening with Mom

Gardening with Mom

Gardening with Mom

May 24, 2016

I spent this afternoon doing all things Mom would have loved. When I got home, I put on her gardening boots, grabbed a shovel and my watering can (one that we picked up at a sale together), and got right to work. My Aunt and Uncle were kind enough to share some of their perennials with me and I needed to get them in the ground!


I feel a special kind of connection with Mom when I am gardening, and I am hoping I always will.  Mom loved being outdoors and loved her gardens. It is one of the many traits that I am so happy she passed along to me. I may not completely have her green thumb yet, but every year, I get a little bit better.

I love spending time taking care of my plants and am looking forward to getting my vegetable garden planted. The landscaping around my house was done when I moved in, but it was pretty bare and didn’t have much color. I had commented on all of the beautiful things growing at my Aunt and Uncle’s house last time I was there so I was excited they shared some with me! It took longer than I expected, but I managed to find a spot for everything they brought. One of my favorites was the simple flowering grass pictured below!


They also brought over some strawberry plants!


I couldn’t find a good place to plant the strawberry plants in the ground so I decided one of my metal tubs would be perfect!


It needed some drainage so I drilled a few holes in the bottom. I used the biggest drill bit I had and it worked! The metal on this tub was fairly thin so I was able to use a regular drill and drill bit.


I filled it with dirt and it was the perfect size for my strawberry plants.



I gave them a good water after I planted them and decided to leave them on the front porch. They will get great light and as long as I continue to keep them watered, I am hoping they will thrive!

I love the idea of re-using and recycling different things for planting. The metal tub worked perfect for my strawberries and it was the perfect way to re-use it! Mom always had unique things in her garden. I took this from her back yard about a week ago.


It was given to her by someone very special, who also loves her gardens. It fits perfect in my front landscaping and is just one more thing that makes me think of Mom.

Every where I look, every bloom, every time I water my plants, I think of Mom. She is always with me, but even more so when I’m outside and working in the garden.

Love you Mom. Always.

Imagine all of the crazy, beautiful possibilities.

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