Fun Fall DIY

Fun Fall DIY

Fun Fall DIY

Although we have had some warm days lately, it is September and in my mind, that absolutely means it is Fall! Fall is my favorite Season and never seems to last long enough. I love the crisp air, falling leaves, pumpkins, fall colors and everything in between.

If you love decorating with mums and are looking for a inexpensive DIY, this one is perfect! Below are the supplies you will need for this project. I got the bushel basket at a sale for less than $1 most likely; i have a stash of them in the garage for times like this! You will also need a can of orange and a can of black spray paint. I had these on hand from previous projects, but you can usually pick these up for about $3 a piece. You will also need a large sheet of paper or thin cardboard (I used sketch pad paper), an exacto knife and a piece of foam board.


The first step is to take you paper and measure it up against your basket. Below, you will see I drew a line at the top of my paper. That line represents how tall my basket actually is. After you know the space you have to work with, you can go ahead and draw your pumpkin face! I drew a traditional face, but feel free to be creative! Try to keep it simple though; the simpler ones work best with the spray paint.


After you draw your pumpkin face, put your paper on top of the foam board and begin to cut out the face with your exact knife. The foam board acts as a barrier so that you don’t dull your knife on the driveway or cut through the paper and also cut whatever workspace you have. Remember, your drawing is just an outline, so your cutting doesn’t have to follow it perfectly. Below, you will see what the face looks like when it is cut out. Half way through, I also realized that I needed a couple more materials; tape (masking or painters tape work best) and newspaper.


After cutting out your pumpkin face, you need to spray paint your basket orange. I set my basket on a cinder block with newspaper on top, but you can use whatever you have available. Make sure to shake your spray paint well before using it at don’t be afraid to get close to the basket as you are spraying. It won’t cover 100% but it will give it a great orange look!

IMG_4610   IMG_4611

Let your orange paint dry completely. Once dry, you will need to attach your pumpkin face to the basket with your tape. I centered mine between the 2 handles.


After you tape your pumpkin face on, take your newspaper and cover the rest of the basket. This will protect it from any black spray paint that may blow while you are painting your face.


You are now ready to give your pumpkin a face! Your paper will not be perfectly up against the basket, so you will need to be careful when spray painting. My best advise is to spray straight on for all pieces of the face. Spraying straight on will allow less black paint to get beyond your face cutouts. Just make sure you don’t put too much paint on it because you don’t want the paint to drip. It will look something like this when you are finished. It is not much to look at right now, but just wait until you take the paper away!


After a couple minutes of drying, carefully un-tape the face and newspaper. Viola! How cute is he!


To give this project it’s finishing touch, I simply added this fantastic mum that I got from a local farmer! It is the perfect addition to my fall decor!!


Looking for another inexpensive fall decor idea? Grab an old chair that has the seat missing! Without a seat, it is the perfect place for a flower pot to sit! Add a pumpkin and a cute little sign and you have the perfect fall decoration for your porch! The “Happy Fall” signs in both of my finished products are simply made from an old piece of barn wood. I spray painted it them, then painted the “Happy Fall” on!


Happy Crafting!

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