DIY Wine Cork Collector Shadow Box

DIY Wine Cork Collector Shadow Box

Finished Wine Cork Shadowbox

This DIY is for all of my crafty wine lovers out there! Who doesn’t love a great way to show off that wine cork collection that I know we all have! Prior to this project, my wine corks lived in a plastic bag, a random wine glass and a little bowl just over the sink. I saved every cork waiting for the next wine cork project I was inspired to do! In the past, I have made cork boards, magnets and my next project is for necklace charms! Stay tuned for that one! Well, I saw a fantastic wine cork shadow box that I fell in love with. The only problem was, I didn’t fall in love with the price! So, as always, I thought to myself, “I can do that!”

I remembered that I had picked up a shadow box at a sale once and immediately went on a search to find it.  Lucky for me, it was the perfect size! Below are all of the materials I used for this project. I was lucky enough to have everything already. I had fabric from the remnants section at our local craft store and the paint I had leftover from a previous project. You will also need a paintbrush, unsanded grout, painters tape, hot glue gun, scissors, sand paper and a saw…or a friend with a saw. =)

Wine Cork Holder supplies

The first step is to take your backing out of your shadow box.


Set the backing aside and grab your sand paper. You will want to sand all of the wooden areas of the shadow box; inside and out.


Once you have finished sanding, give it a quick wipe down to get the sanded bits away. The next step is where the saw..or the friend with a saw comes in! You will need to cut a hole at the top of the shadow box so that it is big enough for an average sized cork to fit through. If you have a hole saw, that can be used to make the hole in the top. You must be very careful if your glass does not come out. The last thing you want is to break the glass! Personally, I didn’t have the appropriate saw so I called up a friend and he came through for me! A perfect hole with all of the glass intact!


For the next step, you will need to grab your painters tape and tape over the glass on the outside of your shadow box so that your glass stays safe from the paint.


Next, you will need your paint and the unsanded grout. If you choose, you can just use the paint without the grout, but I like the shabby chic look that the chalk paint gives it. For directions on how to make your chalk paint if you choose to go that route, please see my previous blog post, “Chalk Paint Jars DIY”.

Carefully paint the outside of the shadow box and set it aside to dry.


While the frame is drying, grab the backing piece, the fabric that you chose, scissors, and your hot glue gun.


Lay your fabric of choice face down and lay the backing of the shadowbox overtop.  Once you get it positioned just the way you would like, cut around the backing leaving about 1″ – 1.5″ of space around the outside.


Once you have it cut, it should look just like this!


The next step is attaching your fabric to the backing. You will want to start by folding each corner over and gluing it into place. After gluing each corner, fold one side over and and glue it to itself so that it makes a straight edge. Continue until all 4 sides are glued into place. When finished, it should look like the photo on the lower right. The next step is to take all of your clean edges and fold them over on to the backing. You will want to start with the left, gluing it in place. Once it has had a couple minutes to dry, glue the right side, making sure that you are pulling the fabric tight throughout the process. Next, glue the other 2 opposite sides, making sure to pull them tight as well.

IMG_2040            IMG_2041

Flip it over and take a look at your work!


Once the front of your frame is dried, it is time to turn it over and paint the back. You will want to paint the back and the wood that is inside the box as well. Don’t forget to tape off the glass to keep everything clean!

IMG_2046            IMG_2047

The only step left is to assemble your finished product! Once your shadow box is completely dry, the backing can be attached.


The last step is to add a few corks (that I know you have laying around), sit back and admire your finished product!


Enjoy and please share your experience! What I love about this project is that every one will be a little bit different! I would love to see your finished products!

Happy crafting!

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