Chalk Paint Jars DIY – Give those old jars new life with a little paint and a little Love!

Chalk Paint Jars DIY – Give those old jars new life with a little paint and a little Love!

Post 1 - finished jars

We are currently sitting in the middle of January, but believe it or not, Spring will be here before you know it! For being someone that does everything at the last minute; including Holiday/Season related crafts, I am proud to say that I completed my first Spring craft! My first Spring craft of 2014 is my very first blog post and I couldn’t be more excited to begin this adventure.

I have been seeing these awesome painted jars popping up everywhere and as always, thought to myself; “I can do that!” These simple jars took me about an hour and a half to complete from start to finish with only one hiccup along the way. One hour was spent one evening painting and the half hour was spent the next day sanding and doing touch ups. These would be perfect for a Spring bouquet,  table centerpiece or dare I say…Mother’s Day gift! I told you I am way ahead of the game!

Post 1 - Jars

I found these fantastic old bail Ball jars at a house sale and couldn’t pass them up! They have fantastic character and I knew they would be perfect for this project. Once I got them home, I carefully took the glass lids off and washed them inside and out. I set them aside to dry.

Post 1 - Supplies

This is all of the supplies I used for the project. (Plus you will need a little piece of sandpaper!) In order to give your jars that chalky look, you can do a few different things. The first is purchasing a chalk paint. None of my local stores sold this in anything other than black, so I began researching other areas. I found that on Etsy, from a variety of sellers, I could purchase a mixture that I could add to my paint to give it the perfect look. I almost made that purchase, until I found that using un-sanded grout would do the same thing! Before I went to the local hardware store, I asked around. A friend of mine had some from a previous project and she happily shared. You only need a few spoonfuls for this project. I also used a paper bowl for mixing, newspaper to cover the table, and I found out of all of the brushes I tried, the thick soft bristled brush I used worked best. It is the blue brush that is pictured. For paint, you will want to use a water based paint. I previously had a bad experience with an oil based and it didn’t work out quite as well. The paint I have pictured with my supplies didn’t work out so well either, and I honestly am not sure why.

Post 1 - Yellow paint

This is what happened when I mixed the appropriate amount of un-sanded grout and the paint I had pictured! It became a think paste and began to harden and break apart. This is NOT what yours should look like! But, I just so happened to have a couple other paints in the house so I went with a new one. This was my hiccup I referenced earlier! If this happens to you, just try a different paint.

Post 1 - Pink paint can

This one seemed to do the trick! And it was a perfect pink! 

Post 1 - Pink paint with grout

For your mixture, you want to you about a 3:1 ratio of paint to grout. Mix it together and do your best to squish all of the grout pieces into the paint. It’s similar to when you are making a cake and you want to mix until all of the flour is incorporated. The consistency will not be completely smooth, however it should be evenly mixed. You can see in the picture above, it is a thick consistency, but thin enough to slowly run off your spoon. If you think your mixture is to think, you can add a little more paint.

Now comes the fun part…painting! Before you get started, you will want to find a piece of test glass. I happened to have a half empty wine bottle, so I figured this was the perfect excuse to finish it off! I painted on the side of the bottle and let it dry. It dried pretty quickly. You can check out the color you have and if it has a little too much shine for your liking, you can add a little more grout to your mixture. If it is a little too dull, you can add more paint!

Post 1 - test wine bottle

Once you have found a shade that you are happy with, grab a jar. Make sure it is completely dry and you will want to remove the metal bale handle. Grab a paint brush and starting painting! Strokes from top to bottom seem to work and look best. As you use the brush in the same spot over and over a couple times, the little grout pieces should move to the bottom and then disappear. Your jar will not be completely smooth with no grout pieces showing, but most will be gone. You will need to do a little dabbing where the letter are, but then just go over it with a smooth stroke and it will look perfect.

Post 1 - Me painting

Once you have them all painted, set them aside to dry. And finish that glass of wine!

Post 1 - jars and wine

After I used the pink paint, I decided to try a second color. I love the way it came out! Again, it was extra paint that I had on hand. Search around the garage and basement before you go out and buy any paint for this project. You may have leftovers of a great color! Below are my painted and almost finished jars! 

Post 1 - Jars2

I let them dry overnight and then did some sanding. I use a fine sandpaper and went over the letters to allow some of the glass to show through, then scuffed the rest up a little. You really can’t mess this part up. Each one will be a little different. Just start with a small piece of sandpaper and light pressure until you get the hang of it. After you sand, you will want to put the metal handles back on. The jar will actually tell you which side they go on which is very helpful! Get some flowers from your garden or a local market and enjoy! You are finished!

Post 1 - finished jars

Post 1 - finished jars on stand

I am so excited about how they came out! I hope your results are just as good! I would love to hear about your experience!

Now what to do with those leftover glass lids… until next time.

Post 1 - Lids

Happy Crafting!

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  1. franny90

    Love your first blog! I’m going to try to do this myself but Ball jars are hard to come by in the UK! I stumbled upon your picture on Instagram (searching #balljars) and shared on my Tutta Bella shop account. (Hope that’s ok) Look forward to your next blog! Fran

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