Cabin Fever is Real

Cabin Fever is Real

Cabin Fever is Real

With the random warm days we have been having, I have had some serious cabin fever! Last weekend, I headed out to an estate sale bright and early on a Saturday morning. It wasn’t one of the warm days by any means, but it wasn’t snowing either! After waiting in a line outside (on the third day of the sale!), I came out with the awesome hat box pictured below! It is an advertising piece, has great color and a local connection with both “Amherst” and “Buffalo” printed on it! It will be perfect for storage in my craft room.


This past weekend, I headed over to a local spot that buys out estates and sells the items in a warehouse. It is ever-changing and a great place to find some unique bargains! I went home with a few!

I have a recent obsession with vintage thermos’. I purchased my first one this past Fall and am always on the hunt for more! My collection is coming along nicely! Up until this point, my collection has been primarily thermos’ that were red or orange in color. These were great for decorating for Fall and the holidays, but I was excited to find some that would work with my Spring decor!

I was so excited when I spotted the two pictured below at the warehouse! They gray goes perfect with my decor and will look great with pink or purple for Spring! The hammered metal one is a lot of fun too! I have never seen one like it and am happy to give it a new home!


The last treasure I found was this awesome paper weight. It is a sun dial and reads “I count none but sunny hours” along the bottom. It made me think of Spring and gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling when I read it so I decided it had to come home with me! I will also go perfect on my desk!


Have you had cabin fever yet? Found any estate sale treasures lately? I would love to hear about them!

Imagine all of the crazy beautiful possibilities!

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