All Sunshine in Brighton, England today!

All Sunshine in Brighton, England today!

All Sunshine in Brighton, England today!

Day 10 – June 5, 2014

We woke up to all sunshine today! We went downstairs at 9:30am and had a wonderful breakfast prepared by Tom and Angela at our Bed and Breakfast. They were a very nice couple! (And reminded us a lot of Mr. & Mrs. Claus! Maybe they own a B&B in the off season??) We ate breakfast with a couple from Oxfordshire, England. It was very nice getting to chat with them over coffee and toast! Below is a picture of our Bed & Breakfast in the morning sun. The water pictured yesterday was right across the street!


After breakfast, we began our journey towards Brighton! On the way, we saw this fantastic castle! It is in the distance, but I can’t imagine how big it was close up!


We made it to Brighton a little after Noon and were able to easily find Maria at Sussex University!! The three of us got onto the train and headed into the city of Brighton! We began our Brighton adventure by checking out all of the cute shops along The Lane! I loved them all and could have spent all day and my whole budget there!



I picked up a little dish for oils and a glass container for my kitchen! I also found the perfect “Toilet” sign for the bathroom for my soon to be new house! I love that I am going to have hints of Scotland and England all around! After we walked around for a little while and had lunch, we stopped for a frozen yogurt along The Lane and did some people watching! (Most importantly, the sprinkles were very good!)


After our frozen yogurt, we headed off to the pier! It was beautiful and I have many pictures to share! The view from the pier was perfect! We lucked out with a beautiful day.







It was so good to be spending the day with an old friend! After we walked the pier, we headed down to the water! The only odd thing about this beach was that there was no sand! Instead, there were small stones! I decided that I couldn’t get that close and not get in! The sneakers came off and the jeans got rolled up! The water wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be but those stones were painful to walk on! I can officially say that I was in the English Channel!



After checking out the water, and getting a couple wet pant legs, we headed back to the train station and back towards Sussex University. We spent the next hour or so doing laundry! Maria was kind enough to let us use the laundry services that were on campus. We are all set for the next 6 days now! With Maria’s help, we also booked a place to stay for the night in the city of Brighton!

We were getting ready to head to dinner, but first, I got a quick stick shift driving lesson in the parking lot! I did better than I thought I would! (Remember, I am on the right side of the car and the gear shift is on the left!) I managed to get moving without stalling and made it almost all the way around! The window was down and Brad was walking with me, holding on to the car like I was learning how to ride a bike without training wheels! He let go and when it came time for me to break, I got nervous and stalled it. I am proud though! And I can officially say that I drove a stick shift car in the UK! Maria was kind enough to get proof of it! 🙂




After my driving lesson, we headed to the pub to have dinner. The pub was on campus! And served beer! This was very odd to me but a fun experience! I had a pulled pork sandwich for dinner. It was one of the cheapest and best tasting meals I have had so far!


After dinner, we said our goodbyes and thanked Maria for a fantastic day! We headed to the Imperial Hotel for the night in the city. This was the cheapest hotel we have stayed in thus far and the room is HUGE! We could do cartwheels! We are right along the water as well! We would have never thought we could get a room this big, with this location for the price we did! The water is literally a 2 minute walk away. Below is our view form our window. Clearly not the best view we have had thus far, but if you look past the scaffolding, and to the left, you can see the water from our window!


Our adventure continues in London tomorrow!

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