A Meal We Will Never Forget

A Meal We Will Never Forget

A Meal We Will Never Forget

July 6, 2016

Day 8

We woke up this morning, had breakfast at the hotel and headed out for another relaxing day at the beach. I was still quite sunburned, so I stayed covered for the most part, but still enjoyed the beautiful weather and the cool water. The water here in Lignano Sabbiadoro was not as clear as it was at Cefalu beach, though still enjoyable! This time it was the Adriatic Sea!




I was even able to get some reading in! I am loving this book. If you are one of the wonderful ladies in my life, head over here to learn more about it and purchase your own copy! Mine will also be available to borrow!


We took a break from the sun to grab some lunch and do a little shopping. Michelle made a new friend!



We grabbed some iced drinks to keep us cool!


After our break, we went back down to the beach and stayed there until it was almost dinner time. We were meeting Vincenzo and his friends for dinner at 9pm that night.

I headed over a little early to use their wifi and Michelle joined me. The hotel brought us a little appetizer sampler to have while we waited for dinner – a nice surprise!


Shortly after our appetizer, we joined them for dinner. It was a great family feel as we all sat together along a long table. Before we ate, Vincenzo asked if there were any foods that we didn’t eat. In our heads, we were thinking, Anthony doesn’t do tomatoes and Michelle doesn’t do mushrooms or olives, but they could work around them. We didn’t quite know what we were getting ourselves into until the first course came.

Raw tuna.


This was a first for me! It did have a fresh sauce that went along with it, but even with that, it was not enjoyable. However, I still ate it. Every last bite. Did I chew it? No way. But I managed to finish it!


The boys loved it and Micelle and I were on the same page. As the second course came out, all Michelle and I could do was look at each other. No words or weird faces were exchanged, but we knew exactly what the other one was thinking.



This one was a little more frightening to me. It was cooked, unlike the tuna, but I just couldn’t get past the tentacles. I did try it, two pieces to be fair but then I had to stop. Brad had a few pieces and just like any other family table, the guy across me asked if I was finished. After telling him that I was, he gladly took my plate and finished it off for me!


The next course was slightly better. It was a mix of cooked clams and muscles in a broth. I am not a big fan of either of them, but I did finish them! The broth was the best part though! It had so much flavor – perfect for bread dipping!


Next up was also okay. Just okay though. Prawns, calamari, muscles, and more octopus.  I ate the prawns and muscles from this plate and shared the rest!


The last course was the best course! Dessert! A mix of fruit gelato and creamy gelato!


It was absolutely a meal I will never forget. Although non of it was anything I would ever order off a menu, we appreciated it so very much. Vincenzo made a special meal for us that used so much of the seafood from their area and we couldn’t have been more thankful for his generosity.

IMG_3935    IMG_3934

Buon pranzo!

Have a good meal!


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