A lovely day spent in Pitlochry

A lovely day spent in Pitlochry

A lovely day spent in Pitlochry

Day 6 – June 1st, 2014

Today was our last full day in Pitlochry, Scotland, so we decided to spend the day in town visiting the shops and enjoying the local culture. We again started our day with a full Scottish breakfast!


After breakfast, we headed over to the Pitlochry Church of Scotland for their morning service. It was a beautiful church and one that we saw last time we visited. The locals were all very friendly and the Reverend was very inviting as well!

IMG_3258    IMG_3263

The highlight of the morning was when we were speaking to the Reverend and mentioned that Brad played the organ. He asked, and was allowed to play the instrument in the church! This will be the highlight of the trip for Brad for sure! I can’t tell you how many churches we went into in search of an unlocked organ during our last trip without finding one.


After church, we headed into town to go to some of the shops. I picked up a few great little souvenirs. One of my favorite shops was called Honest Thistle. The atmosphere inside was perfect and was full of handmade items by local artists.



I picked up a couple of cute containers for sugar for my new house! Love them! I wish I could have purchased more! The handmade items were all so unique and right up my alley!


We also stopped at the Heather Gem store. These gems are created from locally grown Heather. They are transformed into beautiful gems locally and are a fantastic part of the town! I purchased a couple pieces when we were here 2 years ago and love them! This place is a must for anyone visiting!


 We also stopped for a quick ice cream along the way. I had homemade butterscotch!



We walked the town all morning and early afternoon until we had been in every store and our feet hurt! We headed back up the hill to our Guest House and had a snack and took a nap! It had started to rain a little, so this was a perfect opportunity to catch up on some sleep. While we were up in the room, I took this beautiful shot of our view from our window. It couldn’t be more perfect!


We also met the House dog! A cute little Cocker-Spaniel! He greeted us when we came back for the night too!


Around 8:00pm, we headed out to the pub down the hill for dinner. We lucked out because it was local music night! While we were eating our meal, we were able to listen to 3 local artists play guitar, bag pipes, fiddle and singing folk songs. It was a great evening!




Tonight is our last night in Pitlochry. Tomorrow, we begin our next adventure! We will be taking the train into Glasgow and picking up our rental car at 5pm! Our final destination is London, England, however we do not need to be there until June 6th! We are looking forward to traveling with no particular place to be! Any suggestions would be fantastic as long as they are kind of on the way from Glasgow to London! The only places that are a must during that time is Cambridge and Stonehenge!

Let the adventure continue!

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