A Day at Cefalu Beach in Sicily

July 4, 2016

Day 6

We drove about an hour away from Palermo today to Cefalu beach – we decided that a relaxing day at the beach was necessary! The weather was beautiful and we could not have had a better day. The body of water was the Tyrrhenian Sea. The water was perfectly clear and refreshing – I could not believe how blue it was! We sunbathed, swam and enjoyed the sun all day!





There were many locals walking around selling sunglasses, jewelry, shalls and tapestry blankets. Early on, Michelle and I saw a beautiful tapestry that we loved and each got one later on when they walked back by! It will go perfect on my bed!

There were also women walking around offering massages. Our legs and feet were all sore from walking each day so we all decided to get one! A 15 minute massage for only 5 Euros – it does’t get much better than that!

We decided to head back to Palermo after our massages to find something for dinner. We walked the streets for quite a while before finding a wine bar that also served food. We had to sit inside because all the outdoor seating was taken. IT was very warm inside but we were all so hungry, at that point we didn’t care! We had a friend to keep us company while we ate!


We started our meal off with an antipasto appetizer to share. It was so fantastic that we ate it all before I even though of taking a photo! It had salami, olives, caponata (not nearly as good as Zia Enza’s!), mini caprese sandwiches, bruschetta, breaded eggplant and something made of polenta.

Shortly after we finished our appetizer, the outside tables cleared so we headed outside to finish our meal. It was a beautiful night and all of our meals were excellent! I had homemade pasta with eggplant.


Not my normal 4th of July holiday, but very enjoyable nonetheless!

Italian words of the day

Good morning – Buongiorno

Good evening – Buonasera

I understand – Capisco

I don’t understand – Non capisco


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  1. We were there in April so it was too cold for the beach but we enjoyed strolling the streets and climbing La Rocca. It was a perfect location for photo opportunities that captured the traditional small town along the Mediterranean coast – postcard perfect.