A Beautiful Productive Spring Weekend!

A Beautiful Productive Spring Weekend!

A Beautiful Productive Spring Weekend!

This weekend was fantastic! I was able to get a ton of yard work done and have time for estate sales and a little decorating! I cut my grass Friday after work so I would have all day Saturday for sales! I was on my own this weekend, Mom went to camp so I started my Saturday at a local church rummage sale! I picked up that cute old jar you see in the back of the picture below! It is a CROWN jar that was made in Canada. I love it because it has the metal ring around the top; gives it a little extra character!

After the rummage sale, I went to 6 Estate Sales… Six! I don’t think I have ever gone to that many in one day. I drove out a lot further than I normally do, but it was a beautiful sunny day so it was perfect for a drive. Of all six sales, I only bought something at one. Kind of a let down, but that’s the fun of the hunt; you never know what you will find or if you will find anything at all!

At the Estate Sale that I purchased the rest of the goodies below, I found almost everything in the basement. There were a few guys rummaging around in the basement through the tools, and me. They probably thought I was crazy but the basement is one of my favorite places at estate sales! In this basement, I was able to find all these cool containers. I tend to gravitate towards anything wooden and metal. I am always excited to find a cool metal basket and I am loving the green wooden container! I also picked up some burlap (I can always use burlap) and a toolbox that looked homemade. (null)I am also excited about the 2 containers below! The little Cappuccino tin will be perfect on the coffee bar that I will be creating and the Velveeta box is just fun!! I plan to use it un my office/craft room.


I have already put my CROWN jar to good use! It is the perfect vase for the daffodils that I had growing in my back yard! I purchased my house last June so I wasn’t sure what kind of plant life I would have in Spring. I was excited to see some daffodils pop up! I clipped a few for my table so that I can enjoy them every day!(null)

I finished off my simple tablescape with a couple of fun chevron placemats I picked up on sale at TJMaxx and the cute little salt and pepper set I picked up a few weeks ago at an Estate sale. (null)

I am sad to see this weekend go, but I have some fun projects ahead of me. Hopefully I can find some time this week to start working on them! Until then, I will enjoy my Spring tablescape!

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