A Beautiful day at Stonehenge

A Beautiful day at Stonehenge

A Beautiful day at Stonehenge

Day 9 – June 4, 2014

Today we woke up to a rainy day and began our 2.5 hour trip to Stonehenge! It rained for the first 2 hours of our trip, but then it began to clear up, just in time for us to see Stonehenge! It was incredible! It is located in Wiltshire, England. It was constructed between 3100 and 2800 BC. There is so much unknown history behind Stonehenge. It is not clear exactly who built it or why it was built. Recently, an a discovery found that Amesbury, located near Stonehenge is the oldest town in the UK, and also shows evidence of who may have build Stonehenge!





Below are replicas of thatch roof homes they had on display. They originally suspected that those that built Stonehenge lived in these while they worked on them, but I wonder if this idea has changed with the recent discovery of Amesbury being as old as they say!


While we were visiting Stonehenge, there were poppy’s growing everywhere! They were beautiful!


After Stonehenge, we decided to look for a place to eat dinner and stay for the night. We are heading to Brighton in the morning, so we put that in our GPS so we were heading in the right direction! We drove for an hour or so and found our way to Portsmouth. This was a city that was on the larger side, so we figured we would be able to fins a place! First, we saw The Red Lion Hotel and Restaurant. We popped in and unfortunately they didn’t have any open rooms for the night. We did decide to eat there though and dinner was fantastic!



After dinner we forged on! We went to a Marriott, a Premier Inn and a Travel Lodge and they were all booked for the night! It was about 8:30 at this point so we knew we had to find a place for the night. We headed further towards Brighton and we quickly found another Travel Lodge. They were booked as well! The woman at the desk was very nice and helpful though! She called to 2 other Travel Lodges and when they were full as well, she called a local Bed and Breakfast for us. It was perfect! They had a room open for the night, it was within our budget and it was close by! We are here now and the owners are very friendly! I will post pictures in the morning when I can take a good one of the outside, but below is the view from our window! We lucked out again with a beautiful one! It will be better when I can take it in the morning sun!


Tomorrow our adventure brings us to Brighton to visit a friend!


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