2015 Reflections

2015 Reflections

2015 Reflections


As I was driving to work yesterday morning, I couldn’t stop thinking about how quickly this year has gone by. Another year has passed, I am another year older – and what exactly did I accomplish?? 2015 was not an easy year by any means. With that being said, I think I am a stronger person at the end of it than I was at the beginning.

Recently, a good friend gave me a bracelet that represented “Strength.” She said that I was the strongest person she knew. This really made me think. Was I? I often don’t feel like I am strong. After thinking about it for a while, I realized that being strong doesn’t necessarily mean having it all together. More so, I think it means that you make the best of what is given to you. Whatever life throws at you, you simply continue pushing through and do your very best to stay positive.

As I sit here reflecting on 2015, I am realizing that I did do quite a bit of learning. You may not realize it as it’s happening, but every experience, trial and tribulation leads to some kind of a lesson learned.

I learned that I have some amazing people in my life

Let’s be truthful here. This isn’t a new discovery I made in 2015, but this year just reminded me how lucky I am. When I needed them most, they were there – Cooking for me, bringing me wine, cleaning my house, checking in on me, sitting with me while I cried, and even more important than physically being there, these amazing people loved me and made it known that they were there, whatever I might need. This is an open Thank You to all of you. I am not sure I would have made it through without you.

I learned that good things can end as fast as they begin

Don’t allow thinking about the end stop you from starting something new. Try new things, go on adventure, tell people how you feel, take chances and don’t hold back. Jump in feet first and give it everything you have inside of you. And if you fall, enjoy the ride. But most importantly, when it ends, leave with no regrets. Those good experiences have become a part of you and had a hand in making you who you are. Cherish them.

I learned that when I least expect it, something wonderful can happen

Keep those eyes open. Wonderful things are happening all around you. If you don’t put yourself out there, you are going to miss out on something. Experience life in every way possible. When I least expected it, and needed it most, someone pretty fantastic entered my life.

I learned that if you are not happy with a part of your life – Change it

Now don’t get me wrong, I know better than anyone that this is not easy – but one change, big or small, can instantly make you happier. Be brave and make it happen. This year, I was brave. I made a change and in the end, I am happier.



2016 is right around the corner.

I am not going to say these are my New Year’s resolutions. I feel like that term has no real meaning and doesn’t actually hold much weight for what I will actually accomplish in the new year. These are my plans for 2016.


I will do more crafting

I didn’t craft enough this year. Crafting is a vague term but it encompasses so much of what I enjoy. It relaxes me and allows me to express myself. One specific thing I want to do in 2016 is re-vamp my coffee bar! A blog post will absolutely accompany this up-cycle!

I will ask for help more

This is a hard one for me. I have never been good at asking for help. I feel like I should be able to do everything all by myself.  I tend to run myself into the ground until  break. I am going to do my very best not to allow this to happen in 2016. I have learned that those amazing people in my life will do anything for me – I just have to ask.

I will blog more

Sitting down today and writing this reminded my how much I miss blogging. It relaxes me, and more importantly, challenges me. Today, it challenged me to reflect on 2015 and also myself.

Here’s to a fantastic 2016. Do something crazy. Go an an adventure. Be brave. Challenge yourself. But most importantly, surround yourself with good people.

Imagine all of the beautiful crazy possibilities


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